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Customer Reviews

"8 years = Friendship"

"I have been renting cars from TNT for over 8 years. I would not consider renting from anyone else. The service is excellent, the staff are always very helpful and friendly. Their cars are fantastic. When family or friends tell me they are travelling to the Eleuthera I always advise them to contact TNT rentals."  - - Matt 

"Three Greats and a Gift"

"Had exactly the car we requested. SUV was great. Return was just as easy.  Great great great. We also received a free gift from Treasures of the Sea gift shop on Banks road for renting from this company." - - Keith

"Best Rental"

"The absolute best car rental service I have ever had! From the moment of booking online to the moment of meeting the agent at the airport! Was hands down THE BEST rental car experience I've ever had in Eleuthera." -- John 

"Love and Beaches"

"I fell in love with Eleutheria in 2009 and loved spending time on the beautiful beaches. Taylor &Taylor Car rentals allowed me to explore the impossible with a "adventurously" SUV. I was able to visit all the beaches without hassle." -- Steven

"Family & Pin Stripes"

"We rented from Taylor & Taylor for our family vacation. The service was superior! We rented a Ford Explorer and a Jeep Cherokee, both were new with few “island pin stripes”. The service was excellent and would use them again for our family trip again in 2019." -- Lauren

"On Time"

The overall experience with Taylor & Taylor Car rentals (eleuthera car rentals.com) was great. Easy communication, pick up in time even when we arrived few hours before the expected arrival time.  We received a clean SUV without any problems. Returning of the SUV was without any major hassle even though we have returned the car so dirty that you can hardly recognise the manufacturer :)  Would recommend! -- Jane