Eleuthera Driving Tips

The 411 on Driving in Eleuthera Car Rental

Stay Left


We drive on the LEFT, keep your vehicle on the LEFT side of the road at all times for a more enjoyable holiday! Please note that it is against laws to drive a vehicle recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  All passengers must wear seat belts and children under 5 years of age must use a child seat. 

Ouch! Potholes


Try not to hit every “pot hole” (Bahamian for large  hole in the road!)… there are many of these pot holes of varying sizes and depths that you will encounter and they have been known to wreak havoc on tyres and rims!! We tend to prefer if our rims are returned to us in the same circular shape they were provided to you as opposed to more of a square shape!!

Stay Calm & Drive


Try not to careen into a ditch at the side of the road because a black Honda sedan is coming at you!! Just keep to your side (… the LEFT side!), they will keep to their side and all will be well in paradise! You can stop if you want to and wait as they pass if it makes you feel better!

Coco No!


Try not to park your car under a coconut tree – those little green nuts are deceptively heavy and have been known to cause large craters in unsuspecting car roofs .. and the occasional head too!

No Worries!


Do not be discouraged with these driving tips because you will be driving a hired car with a  yellow “SE” license plate and all the locals give hired cars a "pardon" as they know you are on unfamiliar ground!!

Eleuthera Car rental is always here to help!

Speed Bumps


We have several  speed bumps  (long lines of heaped cement in the road) that you will navigate on your journeys. Always look down as you approach the local towns to avoid leaving havoc on our front ends 

"The honk of a car horn is often used as ‘hello’ to a friend or ‘thanks’ for giving way"